Panel and Master Classes

Benjamin Diebling (director at Quantic Dream on Detroit: Become Human, among others) will chair several discussions during this weekend with many of the guests about the following themes.

Friday Morning: “Interactive narrative”

How write a story with branches? What makes a good dilemma? How do you keep choices consistent with your overarching themes?

Friday evening: “The future for the medieval fantasy genre”

Medieval fantasy is the most popular genre in TRPG, but after decade of Game of Thrones and with the TV Shows of Lords arriving soon, let’s talk about how and where this genre is going.

Saturday morning: “Adaptation between videogames, TRPG and movies”

Between Witcher, Cyberpunk, Vampire, Call Of Cthulhu, Tales From the Loop… we have plenty of contemporary RPG adaptations. How and why is this so popular right now?

How does adaptation work between cinema, game design and TRPG?

Saturday evening: “Happy hour and short story”
Let’s finish this series of panels by sharing any anecdotes or funny situations!